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Moving from one place to another is exciting but also difficult, it has to be arranged, packed, it has to be cleaned and 

window is cleaned… ”pooh so hard…”, 

Moving things from one place to another is one thing, but you just want to be able to snap your fingers

 – ”so, then it was done” … and the fact is that you can !!

We at Städhjälpen come with our professional cleaning shoes and the dirt is gone!

How much does a moving cleaning cost? 

Then you come to the question, can you afford to hire a cleaning company and what does a cleaning lady cost ? What is the price of getting your home cleaned and is it worth it?

I would say like this “-Yes it is, because then you can spend your time on other things that are more fun and useful than rubbing with window plaster and detergent.

An example of a moving cleaning of a villa of 120 sqm costs SEK 3,250 after square deduction + SEK 50 driving fee. 

Price list and information can be found at:


What options can you choose from when booking a moving cleaning?

You can book a moving cleaning in your villa, apartment, perhaps on the allotment or at the company. 

We book the cleaning how you want it and our cleaning shoes come with cleaning materials that are also included in the price. All cleaning is adapted to your wishes… .you wish and we perform! 

See on the checklist what is included. https://www.stadhjalpen.nu/prisflyttstadning

What do you get for Cleaning Guarantee then?

Our cleaning shoes are professional, and clean according to your wishes and needs. They are usually always two cleaning women who work together and they have a routine cleaning together and know how to perform a cleaning. 

Should we not meet the requirements with our moving cleaning, we will of course come and fix this. Just call or email. We are available Mon-Fri between 8.00-16.00.

The best cleaning help in Skåne

Book cleaning by a shiny cleaning company

The cleaning material is included in our moving cleaning .

What kind of material do we use?

* Microfiber mops which are a hygienic alternative and which leave very little liquid behind and dry faster than usual. 

* Green soap which is made of tall oil and which is biodegradable and gentle on the surface.

 * Extra alkaline sanitary cleaning that effectively removes grease and dirt, we use in sinks in bathrooms and shower areas.

* The vacuum cleaners are equipped with filters and emit very few particles into the air.

 We have chosen all our cleaning products with good environmental choices .

Do you need moving cleaning in Burlöv

It is not only in Burlöv that we clean. We also perform moving cleaning in Helsingborg down to Malmö with all nearby municipalities such as Kävlinge, Landskrona, Bjuv, Staffanstorp, Lomma, Lund. You can order a moving cleaning at a fixed price or running cost. We have fixed prices in the above-mentioned municipalities. If you want a moving cleaning in another municipality, we charge a running kilometer cost.  

Email us at the office info@stadhjalpen.nu or call 076-8553237 and we will look for a day and time that suits you that we come and clean. Feel free to contact us in good time so we can adapt to your wishes about when exactly you want your cleaning. 

There is nothing to wait for, just sit down at the computer and email a request to us and we will give you an answer as soon as we can.

Cancel, what happens then?

If you need to cancel your moving cleaning for any reason, we have a cancellation fee of SEK 1,000.

If cancellation occurs the same day, we will charge half the cost. 

How dirty is it?

You can have dirty and you can have very dirty, we clean everything but we want to know if it is heavily soiled. There is nothing strange about that, but it plays a big role in how much time we need to spend on your moving cleaning. If you have any special needs more than what is included in our checklist, let us know and we will clean according to your specific needs. We bring with us the cleaning materials and equipment needed.

Below reference pictures show a heavily soiled apartment. For this we have a price surcharge of 50%. 

We clean most things but we are not cleaners and do not perform cleaners such as blood, faeces (except toilets) chemicals or the like. 

There are professionals in every profession and we have chosen to be professionals in regular moving and home cleaning and to use cleaning products that are adapted to it.

I want moving cleaning 

If you want moving cleaning, contact us at the office.

Either via telephone number 076-8553237 or via email info@stadhjalpen.nu and we will answer your questions.

 We will ask questions such as:

-how many sqm do you have?

-is the apartment empty, no furniture or the like?

-where is the project geographically?

-when can we start the moving cleaning?

-when is the last day?

What is included in a moving cleaning?

Yes, a moving cleaning is a thorough cleaning, where everything must be cleaned.

The fridge and freezer must be cleaned, the oven and fan must be cleaned and in the bathroom, lime residues must be plastered on shower walls and tiles. We clean in kitchen drawers, in closets, moldings and floor plinths.

You name it! This is a workout called duga!

We provide a checklist of what is included and not included. It is possible to make an additional order if needed. 

Send email and get price suggestions for moving cleaning

Our cleaning women have a cleaning app in their mobile phones where they receive instructions about each cleaning job, but before it reaches them, we receive an inquiry in the office via email.

It can look like this:

We receive a price inquiry on the email info@stadhjalpen.nu regarding a moving cleaning of an apartment of 73 sqm and an additional order for cleaning a piece of floor drain and a water trap in the sink. 

We usually answer the email the same day unless the question comes in before we close the office at 16.30. 

Example:  A moving cleaning of 73 sqm costs SEK 2250 + SEK 50 in driving and SEK 150 supplement for each water trap and well.

So the total amount to pay will be SEK 2,600. 

We look for a free time and ask the question from when we can come and clean and when is the last day? 

When we have agreed on the day and time, we enter the information in our cleaning lady’s cleaning app .

They then see all the information about where the apartment is located, the customers’ contact information and how many square meters the apartment is on.

 The cleaners can then prepare and pack their cars with the cleaning material needed: 

detergents, mop and bucket, vacuum cleaners and microcloths. 

All cleaning materials are included in the price. 

When everything is cleaned, the tenant inspects the cleaning and hopefully they are satisfied with the cleaning but if not we have something we call ”satisfied customer guarantee” and that means we come and fix our mistakes no later than 3 days after the move cleaning.

Is it then worth the money with moving cleaning?

Yes, it is of course a matter of taste, some people want to clean themselves while others feel that ”if I can rent it out, I will do it”

The idea of ​​moving cleaning comes already when you start talking about moving ”sigh, shall we move cleaning?” ”No, how sad”!

There is a lot to do when moving. ”It must be packed!… Pooh”, cabinets and wardrobes must be emptied, all glass and fragile things must be wrapped in paper and placed in a moving box marked with the ” kitchen ”, a trailer or truck must be rented in which all the furniture must be loaded. 

It takes its little time and it takes energy… .then it’s nice to not have to think about cleaning up after yourself. Once you have decided to move, you want to move to the next place immediately and unpack your things in your new home and get ready and cuddle up… Then you treat yourself to Städhjälpen’s cleaning shoes to move their old apartment. 

So is it worth it? … YES it is worth it! 🙂

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